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Friday, April 8, 2011

Some Card, That Trump!

Mitt Romney holds a slender lead
Among Republicans who seek
Their party’s choice to supersede
Obama next year. Note this week
In second place Mike Huckabee,
Tied with The Donald, prez would-be.

Suppose, if somehow he holds sway,
A meeting of his Cabinet,
Political Apprentice, say,
In which a Big Four team is set
Against the rest to see who’ll last.
You’re Fired! means someone’s miscast.

Defense against Interior,
Which wants to use our grizzly bears
From Glacier National Park to roar
And scare Al Qaeda from its lairs,
Expense of which The Don recoups—
Admission gates for NATO troops.

Or Justice versus HHS
(That’s Health and Human Services).
Convicted mobsters convalesce
Instead of serving time. That is,
Their prison wardens making rounds,
Ingenuously as it sounds.

At Treasury, the HUD
(Housing & Urban Development),
It’s mortgagers who now decree
Instead of bankers what percent
They pay to refinance their house.
Of course it’s zero they espouse.

At State, Homeland Security
Breaks off relations round the world
And furthering obscurity
Requires all our flags be furled.
A peacock logo takes their place
And Donald recreates his space.

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